There is never a good time to have a gas appliance fail on you.  Whether it is for hot water, heating or for cooking it is always an inconvenience.  Our teams are serving customers in Pembrokeshire every day of the year, and can react quickly and efficiently to virtually any appliance breakdown.  They are all highly trained and Gas Safe Registered.

Fast response is our business, trying to get you up and running again before you know it, and now we have relocated to a larger 3,200 square foot premises where we can keep more spares in stock.

No matter how tough the economy is, you need to have gas appliances regularly maintained to ensure optimum performance but more importantly to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

The table below relates to Emergency Call Outs under the heading of Gas Safe Registered Engineers.  For servicing of appliances we use easy to understand fixed charges for each type of appliance no matter how long it takes the engineer to service your gas equipment.  These are listed on the same chart below. 


Our charges are uncomplicated and very easy to understand.  There are no hidden extras and there is no call out charge.  In addition all customers are made aware of our rates at the time that you contact us.
  Mon - Fri
9am - 5pm
Mon - Fri
5pm - 12am
9am - 12am
9am - 12am
Mon - Sun
12am - 9am
Gas Safe Register Engineers 60 90 90 120 140
Boiler or Warm Air Service *80 - - - -
Gas Fire Service *60 - - - -
Gas Cooker Service *40 - - - -
Gas Water Heater Service *60 - - - -
Gas Wall Heater Service *60 - - - -
Gas Safety Certificate. *25 - - - -

        Charges are per hour except those marked with a * which denotes Fixed Price Rate.

All the above prices are subject to VAT at 20%,


Hourly Rates: There is a minimum charge of one hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 1 minute increments.  All rates exclude the cost of materials or spare parts and are subject to 20% VAT.  If spare parts are required, you will always be quoted a price before we do the work.
Fixed Price: Written and verbal quotations are available from our engineers.  But for the larger jobs, the proprietor is always happy to carry out a FREE no obligation survey and follow up with a full written quote.  All quotations are subject to 20% VAT.
No Extra
Customers will not be charged for parking or the time engineers spend travelling to jobs.


Charging Procedure: Existing customers will be invoiced after the work is completed and allowed a 14 day payment period.  Customers who have not used our services before will be asked to pay our minimum call out charge by Credit or Debit Card prior to the Engineers visit.