The GOLDFLAME Contract from Gas Technical Services

Do not leave it to chance.  We have all heard of the famous "Pembrokeshire Promise", but it really does not have to be that way.  We currently serve over 1000 customers in Pembrokeshire who have signed up to our contract.  There are many advantages to using a local company.

  • We know the local area.
  • When you ring us, you are talking to a local person who knows your area and knows many of our customers.
  • We probably have more vans per square mile than many of our competitors.
  • Our computer system allows immediate access to every detail about your gas appliance and call history.
  • Our vans are all fitted with the latest Radio Communication system, so help is always quickly on hand.
  • All of our Engineers are fully qualified, Gas Safe Registered and CORGI registered.
  • We offer same day service, 24 hours a day to all contract customers.
  • We carry a large stock of spare parts for most makes of Boilers and Fires.
  • We have been operating in Pembrokeshire for over 14 years.
  • We do not set an age limit to the boiler or system.
  • Our terms and conditions are clear and easy to understand.
  • We use a Boiler Reliability Rating Scheme to fix the price you pay for your contract.
  • We do not believe in the "Pembrokeshire Promise".

What the GOLDFLAME Contract offers you.

Cover on the whole house central heating system, including radiators, valves, hot water cylinder, tanks, pipe work, boiler, controls and even selected additional gas appliances.  The contract provides one annual service visit, where the engineer will strip down the boiler and clean the components as well as test for correct working pressures to ensure your appliance is in top working order.  He will also test the internal gas supply carcass from the meter to each appliance, making sure you have no gas leaks on the supply and that gas is being supplied to your premises at the correct pressure.

Call Outs and Breakdowns.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a breakdown, you will receive top priority service to get an Engineer to you as quickly as possible.  There is no limit to the number of call outs you make to us in any particular term period of the contract.  You receive FREE LABOUR on all callouts but you pay for any parts which may be needed.  These will be billed to you for payment within 14 days of invoice.  If you are a Landlord, or rent a dwelling during holiday periods, you will require a Landlords Gas Safety Certificate.  This is provided automatically under this agreement taking away any worries you may have about when renewal is due.


In this time of rapid development with regard to energy efficiency and economy, it has become ever more difficult to maintain sensible prices for maintenance contracts.  Some boilers are more reliable than others, some are easier to obtain spare parts for, some use spare parts which are common to other appliances making availability easier.  But in addition to all of the above, since the changes in Building Regulations (Part L) which came into effect in April 2005, we have now seen a rapid growth in the number of appliances becoming obsolete because spare parts are no longer available.  For these reasons we have had to look hard at our charging structure for our Goldflame Maintenance Contract. 

So rather than just charge every customer the same, we have scheduled manufacturers boilers with a points rating which has been calculated using our own experience of boiler reliability and ease of obtaining parts, together with industry feedback from other companies and contractors dealing with a vast range of boilers.  Boiler manufacturers have been rated between 1 and 5 with 1 being the best and therefore the cheapest to cover, and 5 being the worst and more expensive to cover.  It may well be that your boiler falls into a 5 category but you may never have had trouble with it.  The reason it has been placed in a 5 category is because we have experienced a high rate of callouts due to lack of reliability and this is echoed within the industry generally.  It simply means that you have been fortunate to date.

Check below and find your boilers risk rating.  If you can’t find your boiler manufacturer listed, please call our office on (01646) 683845 for advice.

BOILER RISK RATING (Gas appliances only)

Vaillant EcoTEC or EcoMAX 1 Chaffoteaux 5
Vaillant (all other models) 2 Ferroli 5
Baxi Bermuda Fire and Back boiler 2 Potterton 4
Baxi (all other models) 4 Thorn 5
Worcester Boilers 3 Ravenheat 5
Glowworm Boilers 4 Radiant 5
Ideal Boilers 3 Alpha 5
Halstead Boilers 4 Broag Remoha 5
Saunier Duval Boilers 5 Eco Hometec 5
Biasi Boilers 5 HRM 5
Europa Boilers 5 Keston 5
Myson Boilers 5 Quantum 5
Ariston Boilers 5 Veissmann 5
Sime 5 Vokera 4
Johnson and Starley 4 Lennox (Condensing Warm Air) 1
Lennox (others) 4    

All boilers with a risk rating of 1 have been held at our existing charges which have not been raised for the past 3 years.  All other ratings have been increased in price to reflect the possible risks and to allow for the extra expenses incurred through rising fuel and operational costs.

Monthly Contract Charges

1 13.50 162.00
2 16.08 192.96
3 17.04 204.48
4 18.06 216.72
5 19.14 229.68

You may add additional appliances to the scheme, to be serviced during the same visit.  Costs for these and oil boilers are below.

Type of Appliance Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Oil Central Heating System 22.00 264.00
Gas Fire 6.00 72.00
Gas Cooker 6.00 72.00
Gas Wall Heater 6.00 72.00
Water Heater / other 9.00 108.00
Landlords Certificate 2.08 25.00

All prices are inclusive of vat.

Please note that individual gas appliances can only be covered if the central heating system is covered.

There are some items not covered under this contract but this is where you need to read the terms and conditions.  We have tried to keep them simple and clear, and as short as possible.  However it is important to read them fully and understand them before proceeding with any contract.

Terms and Conditions 


If you receive payment or rent from someone who is staying or living in a house, static caravan or holiday chalet, which is owned by you, whether the person making payment is on holiday or a permanent tenant and regardless of the type of gas supply (Natural Gas or LPG).  You are legally required to have a certificate of safety for ALL gas appliances and gas pipe work fitted in the rented or holiday accommodation. Your appliance's need servicing and a new certificate of gas safety issuing every 12 months. and the person renting the property must be given a copy of that certificate within 28 days of them moving in. 

Rules are in force to protect holiday makers and tenants from unsafe gas appliances through lack of proper maintenance.

You as a landlord could be prosecuted, fined and face imprisonment should anything be faulty with a gas appliance fitted in one of your properties.