Many people have, and many are reluctant to change it because they cannot find a replacement to comply with Building Regulations (Part L) which was introduced on the 1st April 2005.  In many cases people are feeling that they are being forced to change their ageing but much loved warm air system to a conventional system with radiators simply because there is no alternative on the market.

Well, this is no longer the case, as Mr Johnson of Llangwm found out when he approached us to help him.  He had tried numerous installers who simply were not interested when he mentioned it was warm air, then he found us.  It was not an easy task in tracking something down, but we did not stop trying and eventually found a warm air unit which could be converted to LPG gas, but was also fully condensing and a high efficiency model complying with Building Regulations (Part L).

Mr Johnson, Llangwm, Haverfordwest.

Arrival on Site


On the left is the old Lennox Warm Air Unit and the Andrews Direct Fired Water Heater.  On the right you can just see the new Vaillant EcoTec Condensing Boiler which will now provide all hot water instantaneously, and one of our Engineers start constructing a return air Plenum box for the new warm air unit to sit on.


In the picture on the left, the new Lennox High Efficiency Condensing Warm Air unit is secured to the return air Plenum.  In the picture to the right, the outlet ducting has been connected to the old existing outlet duct.  Also on the left hand side of the Lennox you can see the plastic elbow which is in fact the flue.  Yes that's right, plastic and only 2 inches in diameter.

In this picture, you can see the white flue is from the Vaillant providing hot water, and the bottom flue is from the Lennox Warm Air Unit.

A rear view of the property

Since completing this job, an order has been placed by a neighbour two doors down to replace her system in the same way, and a further quote has been submitted in another part of the same good news does travel fast!!!


To find out even more about the Lennox G61 MPVT High Efficiency Warm Air Systems visit the Gasflow Limited website by clicking on the link below.