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Hean Castle Estates Offices, Saundersfoot.

A few years ago the old stable block of the magnificent Hean Castle Estate in Saundersfoot, was converted into offices from where the estate is now managed.  The client wished for a controlled and comfortable environment leaving wall space free from radiators.  A Unicosystem was the ideal choice with heating being provided through the heater battery of the Unicosystem from an oil fired boiler fitted in the adjoining garage workshop area.  An outdoor condenser provides cooling for the whole boiler through the cooling coil of the Unicosystem.  The heart of the Unicosystem, comprising of the blower module, heating module and cooling module is hidden away neatly in the roof void so that the true splendour of the building can be fully appreciated.

Cambrian Windows, Pembroke Dock

The new factory and offices for Cambrian Windows is being heated and cooled by 7 Unicosystems.  4 Units provide zoned heating and cooling to the huge office area and conference facilities on the first floor.  2 more unicosystems supply heating and ventilation to the factory area offices, workshops and stores.  1 further unicosystem has the sole purpose of keeping the temperature just right in the computer server room.  In the pictures above you can see the main 9" insulated ducts running the length of the offices from the Unicosystem air handling module.  These units are now hidden above suspended ceilings.  6 of the Unicosystems were fitted with hot water coils providing heating from 3 Vaillant EcoTec High Efficiency Condensing Combination Boilers.

Cambrian Windows Main Reception Area

A view of the outside of the factory

Auto All National Van and Car Rentals

Pembroke Dock

Another Unicosystem installation coupled with a Vaillant EcoTec High Efficiency Condensing Combination Boiler, and a Daikin Inverter Heat Pump for providing even greater savings during most normal operation of the system.