Offering the Complete Service

Many of the new range of feature gas fires require some amount of building work to install them.  For example, the new studio range cannot be installed without some knocking out and making good, or without building a false chimney breast to  hide it in.

The new Studio 3 being installed in our new showroom

The Finished Job

We can now offer the complete "one stop" service.  Our builder who worked with us to install all of the stunning fires in our showroom will work with us to install them in your home too.  He understands the materials required and the insulation requirements for the fire.  He and his team work closely hand in hand with our Engineers to ensure continuity  every step of the way.  He takes care to ensure that he matches your coving and skirting board, and will even fully decorate to room afterwards if you want him too.  His work is to the highest standards and his timing is punctual........and of course his rates are fair and reasonable. 

Below we have recorded the installation of a conventional flue Gazco E - Studio gas fire in a bungalow in Pembroke where we had to install a class 2 chimney and provide a purpose made chimney breast to hide it all.

Our builder arrives on site with us and starts the stud frame.

1. Plasterboard panels are attached to form the sides of the chimney breast.

2. We install the flue collection box, the flue pipe into the loft and the gas supply dropping from above into the inside of the chimney breast.

3. While we retire to the loft to continue running the flue to it's termination, our builder installs the front chimney breast.


4. He then matches the skirting board and coving around and prepares for plastering the complete chimney breast.




When the plaster has dried, we return to install the fire and commission the job.

To this..................The finished job

On this particular job, this was to be the end of our builders input, but the customer was so pleased she asked him to come back and do the ceiling and decorate the rest of the room.  He, of course was happy to oblige.